The inspiration for creating our brand is rooted in the belief that "Life Is Better On The Water". Growing up on the twin rivers in Demopolis, AL, we were lucky to spend every second we could out on the water. The joy and freedom we experienced was the greatest gift we could ever imagine.

That's why we're so happy and grateful to be partnering with Smile-A-Mile. Smile-A-Mile is on a mission to bring the joy we experienced as kids to kids and families that are fighting cancer. Every summer Smile-A-Mile hosts a camp on Lake Martin for the sole purpose of creating the same joy & freedom we experienced on the water for the kids and families battling cancer. 

We have pledged to donate 1% of our total sales to help bring smiles & joy to all the brave kids and families that Smile-A-Mile impact. We are so grateful to help create the same experience used to inspire our brand for all the families involved.

We thank you for helping with this cause. 1% of your purchase will Give A Smile and go directly to Smile-A-Mile. 

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